Fibonacci Progressive Baccarat Betting System

It's easy winning and losing in baccarat, and thus, progressive baccarat systems dare tip the balance here and increase winnings than losses.

The Fibonacci system especially keeps our bankroll protected from the onslaught of losing streaks. Small losses are sometimes more dangerous because we seldom realize the damage until too late. With this system, we are given the chance to stop the losing streak by breaking even, and take advantage of an apparently emerging winning streak.

The Fibonacci system is also especially effective in countering the house odds, though already minimal compared to other casino games. Moreover, this system also favors players who prefer the minimum bet limit. This system can make sudden bankroll developments as the play and win trends favor its betting system.

High risks are not necessary in this system, unlike in others where bets have to increase win or lose. One unit bets go all the way except when a losing round breaks it. That's when we need a bet progression. This system requires discipline as winning can tempt us so much to increase the bet and cover double winnings. Fibonacci believes that two successive numbers have a sum total equal to the third number in the line. Let's examine the following number series: 8-13-21-34-55-89.

Applied to progressive baccarat, the bet progression will be from a unit that remains constant until a losing disruption occurs. The next bet then will be according to the Fibonacci number sequence. Let's say our initial bet is $5 and we lose three successive bets, it will appear this way: first bet $5, second bet %5, and then the third bet is the sum of the two previous bets, so that makes a $10 bet. If, say, we win the next two bets (which will both be $15) we stand to gain $25. So we'll have the following bet series from start to finish: $5, $5, $10, $15, $15. If we bet again, our bet will be the sum of $15 and $15, which is $30.

This system, as we can see, takes into consideration the two previous lost bets. So, with such play, eventually we stay in the game longer to take in whatever advantages are possible from the overall game. If we are frugal about bet amounts to limit our losses, we use Fibonacci. The minimum bets and increments make sure we have good bankroll management.

The Fibonacci progressive baccarat system of betting is an incremental increase of bets per two win successions.